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Professionally printed on high quality watercolour paper and with textured mounts you can choose to order prints framed and ready to hang in contemporary white - the total framed sizes are 33cm or 43cm square.  Alternatively, should you wish to use your own frame you can order prints unframed in two sizes - 30cm or 40cm square. Please note: postage and packaging is an additional £10.00.  Local delivery or collection is possible by prior arrangement only - contact me.  Please use the drop down menu under each design to make your selection.


Inspired by a walk at Wollaton Hall Deer Park, Nottingham - a number of stags were lazing around a tree as if sleeping off a late night!

Part of a larger original painting again inspired by the deer at Wollaton Park. I liked the way the tree branches are all trimmed by the deer reaching up to eat them.

Stags tend to hang out in loose bachelor groups separate to the females outside of the rutting season.

In open habitat, hinds and their young will gather in large herds. Deer are less social in woodland,  living in smaller groups comprising a female and her young.

The Chatsworth Estate has 300 semi-wild fallow deer and 150 semi-wild red deer plus additional wild deer in the park. It is one of my favourite places to explore.

Part of a larger original painting, I liked the way this stag or Hart seemed to be standing protecting his 'ladies' or Hinds.

Red Deer are most active during dawn and dusk.  They spend most of their time finding, eating and digesting (ruminating) food.

This Stag needs to get his rest whilst his female continues grazing in the dusk.

Tatton Park in Knutsford is a stunning estate that I have visited numerous times.  It's fascinating to sit and watch the herds of Red and Fallow deer there.

Calke Abbey in Ticknall Derbyshire is stunning.  The herd of roughly 100 rare breed longhorn cattle first appeared on the estate in 1770.

My family and I recently experienced a Llama trek in Derbyshire. It certainly was a memorable experience, they are such gentle animals.

Chatsworth Park is home to red and fallow deer.  Between late September and early November is typically rutting season. Hearing the stags roar is amazing.

Attenborough Nature Reserve is  nationally important site and home to over 250 species of birds, insects and rare wildlife including bitterns and otters. 

'Crow Bar' inspired by a copse of trees I see every morning on the school run which always have crows or ravens flying above it.

'Dozy Does' inspired by a walk around Lyme Park where a group of does were dozing around together.


original (2).png

'Heron Today' inspired by Attenborough Nature Reserve & the grey herons that can be seen there. 


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